• Laura

Welcome to my new website!

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to browse through my website, your support and interest is hugely appreciated. I thought it was time my website caught up with my social media interactions. I plan to keep you up to date with my travels, any interesting stories from tour, which there almost always are and any wise words that I absorb along the way...... from other people, i'll not take credit for the "yoda" moments. Fortunately my job involves meeting and spending time with some fascinating people from all round the world, as well as seeing some incredible places... so lets see what this season brings! Watch this space.

One of my favourite photos from left to right : Maria Palacios, Laura Sanchez, Keil Beveridge, Me

Some of my pals...... (don't worry Rachy Goodall, you'll be featured plenty in this blog me thinks!)